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Take a Combo High Speed Internet package and get free television as a gift by combining it all! *

Digicom is now adding satellite TV to its line of wireless services, which offers internet, telephone and television at an unbeatable price.

Take the time to see all of the available positions indicated on this list:

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Adding new seats and ordering pay-per-view movies or shows are not available with the free plan. Including a recording receiver (Model 9400).

Additional recorder receiver (Model 9400 only). Other conditions may apply.

The channel list may be subject to change without notice.

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Digicom, a pioneer in its field with a solid experience, is capable of offering high-quality and reliable service at an affordable cost. Two decades of expertise and a will to innovate constantly have allowed Digicom to build an unmatched range of services, such as Internet telephony, high-speed Internet, Satellite TV as well as highly specialized engineering services.


With Digicom, optimize you communications with customized installations, inter-building connections and systems created for you by professionals.

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Simple, fast, reliable. In next to no time, our team of experts will install the necessary equipment so you can stay in touch at all times!

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At Digicom’s, the television service allows you to get all the specialty channels at no extra cost! That’s affordable entertainment wherever you are!

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Digicom’s high-speed internet is up to 125 times faster than your phone line! The best and most stable Internet in its category.

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Corporate Services

High Speed wireless ​​Internet for corporate services

To supply high-speed Internet business and industry in rural areas , Digicom has developed a multi-frequency network technology very effective and efficient . This technique allows a frequency reserved for commercial and industrial customers that are generally important seekers of bandwidth.

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