1.2 million investment

Date : 25 October 2018

Digicom completes its last right before the winter for the realization of its Canada Digital 150 project, with nearly $1.2 million of investment until now.

Normally 100% completed in March 2020, this project has covered new areas of Lac-St-Jean with new gigabit backbones connected to the fiber optic network around Lac St-Jean.

This project also allows the installation of the new LTE technology which makes possible to have a higher speed and penetrate the vegetation more efficiently.

Several new telecommunication towers were installed in areas where Internet service was deficient and even non-existent.

Digicom plans to complete the other portion of investments of $1 million in the year 2019 and thus complete the project and complete almost all the coverage of the regional territory.

More news soon.

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