Date : 13 January 2014

Upcoming High-Speed Internet Project for Val-des-Monts and La Pêche (Gatineau Sector).

Digicom is finishing the set up of a high-speed Internet network in the municipalities of Val-des-Monts and La Pêche.

Thanks to the MAMROT financial aid and to both municipalities, Digicom has won the bid on behalf of the Rapide-O-Web organization in August 2012 for the project’s completion. Already, some twenty high-speed Internet broadcasting points are operating and several dozens of clients are now connected across the entire region.

These municipalities, known for their dynamism and their growth, will gain a valuable asset in their beautiful region both for residents and companies. Val-des-Monts and La Pêche are places where one can enjoy nature and yet be connected as in cities.

Digicom has also made the acquisition of Wakenet, an organization already providing Internet services on part of the territory.

These mountainous regions represent a very interesting technological challenge with the installation of communication towers and solar panels and/of wind turbines for power supplies in remote and complex geographical areas.

These new areas will allow the company the consolidation of existing jobs, the hiring of new employees and the increase of the Alma-based technology company.

Already, several other neighbouring sectors have manifested their interest for Digicom’s high-speed Internet services which will fill the order book for 2014-2015.
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