Starting from only 39.95$/month*

The main objective at Digicom’s is reliability. Our team of experts strives to always improve and perfect the technology and the service so we are able to offer, at all times, a faster access for our clients. Digicom’s high-speed Internet is affordable and allows you to be more productive, to stay informed wherever you are.

Greatly superior in terms of speed and reliability, Digicom’s high-speed Internet outmatches the competition. Moreover, as compared to the competition, the weather doesn’t affect Digicom’s technology! The latency required for IP telephony and to play online games also surpasses our competitor’s capabilities.

Services to residents

For fun or for business, Internet accessibility is key, even in a rural area. You and your family can rely on a reliable network to surf the Web, pay your bills or check your emails. Up to 125 times faster than your phone line, Digicom’s wireless Internet allows you to get things done. Digicom’s wireless Internet allows you to get things done and also to add extra blocks of Gigs to your package at any moment of the month. This on-demand service allows you to adapt your package to your specific needs!

Corporate services

By using a frequency restricted to industries and business, Digicom is able to offer a service that will surpass your highest expectations. To establish a powerful network, Digicom’s technology can help businesses and industries build reliable virtual communications between production units.  The inter-building links adapts themselves according to your specific needs.

Services to municipalities

Even in rural areas, Digicom’s services are available to you. For your highest bandwidth requirements, Digicom offers you highly effective and exceptionally reliable installations so you can enjoy an unbeatable high-quality Internet service.  With 20 years of experience, we can boast making use of the most effective technologies, offering the best value for your money in terms of infrastructure and equipment.

Other services available !

Digicom Wireless Internet offers you different services to better meet your needs !