Internet consumption

How Internet consumption calculation operates

Internet consumption is the sum of the data transferred by equipment connected to Internet during the current month. Just like the megawatt is the unit of measurement for electricity consumption, the gigabyte is the unit of measurement that quantifies the data transferred. All of our packages include a given number of gigabytes. If you go over this number of gigabytes, you will be billed extra fees on your next bill. It’s possible to save money by switching to a higher package before the beginning of the following month by contacting the billing service.

What is the purpose of imposing consumption limits to Internet packages?

Because the whole of the network is shared by all of our clients, the goal of the restrictions on the Internet packages is to ensure an optimal quantity for all of our subscribers.

Software and consumption patterns

Software and consumption patterns greatly influence the Internet consumption. Here are a few indications that gives an order of magnitude of common activities done by surfers. To know the consumption of one of these services, you can consult your online consumption by checking the time period during which you have used the service.

Consumption alert

When you are about to bust the limit included in your package, we will send you an email to the electronic address linked to the account. This warning is sent once a month.

Watch your online consumption

You can access your monthly consumption in the client’s interface at the following address:

Glossary of terms
Gigabyte, Megabyte

Unit of measurement allowing to quantify the digital data. Here is a conversion chart:

Unit of measurement Equivalence
1 byte 8 bits
1 Kilobyte (KB)* 1000 bytes
1 Megabyte (MB)* 1000 KB
1 Gigabyte(GB)* 1000 MB
 *Capital “B” abreviation for bytes while lowercase “b” stand for bits.

Data transmission of an Internet connection. This is often measured in megabit (Mbps). It is important not to confuse megabit with megabyte.
Here is a conversion chart:

Unit of measurement Equivalence
1 Kilobit per second (Kbps) 1000 bits
1 Megabit per second (Mbps) 1000 Kbps
1 Gigabit per second (Gbps) 1000 Mbps